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Standard Websites

engineering.osu.eduOur standard website service is used by well over 230 organizations within the college including departments, centers, faculty labs, student organizations, and more. By using our  service, you get free access to the same set of designs and features used by college and department sites (with some minor exceptions).

How does it work?

Editing exampleContent is created and updated using a web browser and requires no special technical skills or software. Every group requesting a website is responsible for creating and maintaining the content that makes up their website. 

Web Services provides shared design, development, administration, and support for the service. 

Standard Features

All sites get a standardized design and can choose from among the university approved color palettes. We also offer a number of optional content centric features including support for:

  • Blogs
  • Course
  • Events
  • News
  • People (Directories)

Enhanced Capabilities

In addition, we work constantly to add features that:

  • Empower editors with capabilities and information
  • Improve usability to allow easier content creation
  • Increase university wide integration

For example, our sites allow editors to organize their site's navigation as they choose in a convenient drag and drop interface. However, the site will issue warnings if the navigation deviates too far from best practices.

Similarly, our directories automatically pull in content from central university data sources (HR, OPIC, Research in View) but allow an editor to override data.


Major Upgrades

In order to stay current, all sites must go through mandatory major upgrades every 2-4 years. Upgrades provide updated designs and capabilities in addition to helping maintain compliance with university security policies.

While these upgrades are 95%+ automatic, sometimes features change, either in our software or the underlying open source sytems we use. As a result, they usually involve small to moderate amounts of work, usually in the form of reviewing upgraded content.

Custom Design & Development

There are many tradeoffs between efficiency and customizability at scale. We don't generally create per site functionality or designs unless it is in support of a major college wide endeavor. Similarly, we cannot support 3rd party alterations to our code (PHP, CSS, etc) for reasons related to sustainability, security, and efficiency.


Engineering Web Services is a shared resource providing free services. To preserve and optimize availability of services for all members of the College, your organization must agrees to:

  • Create and maintain its own content
  • Appoint and maintain a primary editor for the site
  • A primary editor must take the website training course.
  • Submit help requests via the ticket system.
  • Maintain compliance with all university policies and state and federal laws
  • Promptly respond to any detected violations of such policies
  • Alert Web Services if the site is no longer required