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Commerce Websites

Mockup targetWe are currently developing a web store based offering that allows a unit to sell items online and accept secure credit card payments via OSU's approved credit card merchant (CyberSource).

Early versions of the commerce platform can be seen at these addresses.

To the right, you can see mockups for our eventual design target.

Key Responsibilities

Web Services provides a web based ecommerce platform and guidance on how to use it. 

Designated individuals within the stakeholder group manage the store including:

  • Creating and updating product listings.
  • Managing and fulfilling orders.
  • Providing reports to fiscal officers to facilitate transfer of funds.

An individual associated with the stakeholder group, normally a fiscal officer, is responsible for:

  • Setting up and maintaining a CyberSource merchant account.
  • Monitoring transactions in CyberSource on a routine basis.
  • Distributing funds to different groups (a single CyberSource account may serve multiple groups each with their own site).