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One of our core missions is to provide high quality, consistent, and sustainable website solutions to college affiliates. We do not build websites ourselves. Instead we focus on delivering solutions that make it easy for regular staff members to create and maintain their own sites.

Web Services Responsibilities Website Owner Responsibilities Communications Responsibilities

Service Definition & Support

Shared design

Shared development

Server administration

Software maintenance

Security compliance

Training & advice

Site Ownership

Site planning

Content creation

Content maintenance

Content specific design

High level configuration

Policy compliance


Brand and identity

Messaging strategy

Standard Sites

Our standard website service is used by most major websites within the college as well as a large number of smaller sites.

College of EngineeringMechanical EngineeringCareer Services

Legacy Sites

The legacy site platform is being phased out with all sites being upgraded to the new standard platform. This process happens every few years.

Commerce Sites

Our commerce platform is a brand new offering in alpha release. It is designed to provide simple to moderately complex storefronts with payments handled through CyberSource via their secure web/mobile acceptance service (a hosted order page).

Those with event registration commerce needs are encouraged to look into RegOnline