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Services Offered

Web Services currently provides four types of services that are widely available.


We currently support well over 150 independently managed websites between our standard, legacy, and commerce platforms.

We do not build websites ourselves. Instead we focus on delivering a service that make it easy for regular staff members to create and maintain their own sites.

Application Development & Management

To meet college needs, we develop and maintain a number of custom applications on behalf of different stakeholders throughout the college. As we do not have a chargeback model, these services are primarily reserved for college level activities.

Digital Signage

Web Services supports the third party MediaSignage software used to power 15-20 screens in the College of Engineering managed by a number of different groups.


Until the recent university wide license, the web services team wholly supported the college's Qualtrics site license. Now, we continue to support the college's division within the larger license as well as past integrations we helped develop.