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March 2015

Surviving Event Registration

It's no secret that OSU is a large and complex place with many policies around outsourcing, security, and credit card processing. This can make managing paid and even unpaid event registrations a bit of a pain.

Let's start by reviewing the types of things we might look for in an event registration system.

Key Concerns & Comparison

Collecting Registration Information
Registration type, meal type, day/event options, group registrations, non-reg purchasers.

Accepting Payments
Credit cards, checks, payment orders.

Registration Management
Modify registrations, email attendees, print badges, reporting.

Setup costs, per transaction fees, ongoing labor.

OSU Policies & Technology
Approve for business use, FERPA data, single sign on.

 QualtricsRegOnlineEngineering Commerce Site



Constant Contact
Collecting registration informationAdvancedAdvancedPayer OnlyMinimalUnknown
Accept paymentsNoYesYesYesNot Allowed
Registrant managementNoYesNoYesYes
Initial setup cost
(including labor)
FreeLowHighFree … 
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