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Semester Activation Process

The university manages all recruiting activity through a system called the Buckeye Career Network which is a branded version of Symplicity CSM. The College of Engineering has an instance of the system called CareerEngine.

Every term, Career Services staff deactivate the accounts of all engineering students in CareerEngine. Students are then forced to reactivate their account through our application. This helps ensure the office has an accurate inventory of who is actively searching for employment as well as ensuring that students have accurate information in their profiles. The semester activation process has helped giveĀ the college a competitive advantage with employers who value the superior quality of our more managed candidate pool.

How it Works

When a student signs into the semester activation form, information about their account is loaded dynamically via web services hosted by Symplicity. Their account is then checked against approximately 20 different rules aimed to improve the quality of the candidate pool and ensure that students progress from the ECIP (co-op/intern) to GS (graduating students) programs offered by Career Services. If there are any problems, students receive helpful error messages providing guidance on how to correct problems in their accounts. Once all problems have been corrected, students can specify what type of employment they are seeking and complete activation of their account. Their CareerEngine account is then automatically updated.


For example, ECIP students use a resume template which includes completed coursework and current GPA. As a result, they are required to update their resumes on a term by term basis. The application checks to see if they have updated their resume within the current term as a pre-requisite to account activation. If they haven't updated their resume, they are given instructions to do so and won't be able to activate their account until they have updated the resume. Among other things, this helps ensure that all resumes given to an employer in a resume book contain current information.