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Business Applications

Our business applications help the college manage processes more efficiently online.

Application to Graduate

This application streamlines the undergraduate application to graduate process. Students can apply to graduate online. Thereafter, their application can be managed by distributed academic advisors as well as central honors advisors and the college's graduation coordinator. The application significantly reduces confusion and coordination costs during the last two semesters of an undergraduate's career.

Award Nomination & Evaluation

This legacy application provides a mechanism to nominate individuals for different college level awards. Evaluators can then review the nominations online.

Scholarship Applications

There are three separate scholarship applications which are collectively used by thousands of students every year. The current and incoming student applications allow a student to apply once for hundreds of potential college scholarships. The undergraduate research scholarship is used by a smaller number of undergraduate students engaged in research.

Semester Activation (Career Services)

The semester activation form is used by Career Services to enforce policies within CareerEngine, the college's online recruiting system. Every semester, students engaged in job search activities must reactivate their account and the semester activation form, which runs a series of checks against CareerEngine (Symplicity CSM), is the mechanism by which they do this.

Student Hiring

An upcoming application to manage student hiring processes.