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Decommissioned Applications

Sometimes applications are only needed for a short period of time. Other times, we successfully remove the need for an application by allowing the end user to create the functionality themselves or by working with central university teams to eliminate the need for a college specific app. Below is a partial list including some of our past applications.

Alumni Surveys

Going back to the mid 2000s, we maintained a custom survey tool that housed the alumni survey, a critical part of the college's accreditation process. It was a very complicated application supporting database driven question generation, reporting, and analytics. This project was replaced, at our urging, by adoption of Qualtrics, a much more economical and user friendly solution which we helped bring to the college and university at large. Although the alumni surveys are carried out in Qualtrics, we still provide a great deal of support to the accreditation committee in managing the survey process.

Career Engine / Symplicity CSM Import

From 2003 until the creation of the Buckeye Career Network in 2013, we maintained an import from student information systems into Career Services recruiting systems. The import included granular override capabilities for Career Services staff and most likely included the best integration of any university data system with Symplicity CSM (staff had a standing offer from their CTO). This was decommissioned when the university formed the unified Buckeye Career Network around Symplicity. During the transition, Student Life consulted with us on the new import.

Career Co-op / Evaluations

From around 2005 through 2013, we maintained a system for managing the workflow of collecting employer and student evaluations for all co-op and internships. During the BCN merged, this was decommissioned in part because much of the functionality was impossible in the BCN purely through web services. We helped Career Services replace its core needs using Qualtrics surveys which have a much lower cost of maintenance.

Career Fair Payments

We built an application to handle career fair payments using registration information found in Symplicity CSM. This allowed us to process credit card payments through CyberSource in accordance with OSU policies while allowing the full features of Career Services recruiting system. As part of the project, we wrote and contributed an event and payment web service to Symplicity which is still part of their application years later. The main application then communicates with that service to build invoices, integrate with CyberSource, and record payments back to Symplicity.

College Payment Site

From around 2010-2014, we maintained a customized Ubercart based application to manage selling products online. This was ultimately replaced by our newer commerce based offering which was redesigned to improve usability by college fiscal staff and provide easier management and more options by store operators.

Numerous Student Programs

Over the years, there have been numerous applications built to facilitate registration and approvals around various student programs. Almost all of these have been decommissioned in favor of Qualtrics or RegOnline based solutions which offer more value for the customer.

Election Systems

In 2008, we built and managed an election process for a multi-university organization on behalf of our dean.